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Prof. Dr. Daniela Giménez Jiménez

Professor_in , Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften, TU Dortmund

Assoziierte Professur

Juniorprofessur Entrepreneurship


Since 2021, I have held the Junior Professorship of Entrepreneurship at the Technical University of Dortmund. Before that, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair for Corporate Sustainability at the Technische Universität München (TUM School of Management). I studied economics at the Universidad de Carabobo (Venezuela). Some years later, I did my Master's Research in Entrepreneurship and Management at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). Afterward, I wrote my doctoral thesis at the Universität Witten/Herdecke (Germany). My doctoral thesis focused on women entrepreneurs and women in family businesses. During my doctoral thesis, I was a visiting scholar at Bentley University (United States) where I studied advanced quantitative methods.


My research focuses on investigating the role of context, such as countries, ecosystems, and families in women's and men's (new) businesses and their consequences because the context influences not only how and why ventures are developed structures but also their survival, growth, and long-term sustainability.

Veröffentlichungen (Auswahl)

Eisenreich, A; Füller, J.; Stuchtey, M.; Gimenez-Jimenez, D. (2023). Toward a Circular Value Chain: Impact of the Circular Economy on a Company’s Value Chain Processes. Journal of Cleaner Production. Online first

Campopiano, G; Gabaldon, P., Gimenez-Jimenez, D. (2023). Women and Corporate Social Performance: A Review of the Structural, Behavioral, and Cognitive Aspects of Women’s Contribution to the Board of Directors. Journal of Business Ethics. 182, 717–746.

Salvi, E.; Gimenez-Jimenez, D. (2022). The Role of Collectivism and Gender Equality in Informal Entrepreneurship. In Academy of Management Proceedings. 2022, 1, 12106.

Giménez-Jiménez, D; Edelman, L; Dawson, A; Calabrò, A. (2022). Women entrepreneurs’ progress in the venturing process: The impact of risk perception and culture. Small Business Economics. 58, 2. 1091–1111.

Giménez-Jiménez, D; Edelman, L; Calabrò, C; Minola, T; Cascia, L. (2021). Family business exposure and affective commitment: An intergeneration solidarity perspective on succession intentions. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 45(4), 740–766.

Calabrò, A; Torchia, M, Giménez-Jiménez, D; Sascha, K. (2021). The role of human capital on family firm innovativeness: The strategic leadership role of family board members. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal. 17, 261-287. 

Giménez-Jiménez, D; Calabrò, A, Urbano, D.(2020).The neglected role of formal and informal institutions in women’s entrepreneurship: A multilevel analysis. Journal of International Entrepreneurship. 18, 196–226.

Wagenschwanz, A; Giménez-Jiménez, D. (2020). From Emancipation to Social Change. Stanford Social Innovation Review. Summer, 18, 3.


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