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Institutionalisierung von Women’s and Gender-Studies Australia in comparison to Germany


Prof. (i. R.) Dr. Felizitas Sagebiel , , , ,

Bergische Universität Wuppertal


If you come from Europe (Germany) you are very impressed by widespread institutionalisation of women's studies in Australian Universities. As innovative degree courses they are based on theory and research about women in society and science. In Australia nearly all institutions of higher education have established Women's Studies in one or more disciplines as diverse as biology, psychology, pedagogy, history, literature, economics, politics, sociology, philosophy, theology. What is the explanation for this quite different situation in comparison to Europe? Would it be possible desirable to transfer certain institutional conditions for example to Germany, where in spite of having much women power specialised in Women's Studies, only few changes in degree studies exist until yet. At the same time there are very few changes in mainstream of disciplines by Women's or Gender Studies issues.The project compares institutionalised Women's Studies in Australian Universities with the German situation. Furthermore it touches on sociological faculties in Australian Universities which shows an example how the number of women academic staff correlates with respective institutionalisation of Women's Studies in research and publications.

Bildung und Wissenschaft

2000 - 2002