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Prof. (i. R.) Dr. Sabine Hering

Professor , Fakultät Bildung/Architektur/Künste , University of Siegen

Network Professorship

Social Pedagogic, Gender and Welfare History


Professor at Siegen University since 1993. 1991/92 deputy professor at the University of Frankfurt/Main. 1989 habilitation at the TU Berlin. 1984-1991 freelance work in the Archive of the German Women's Movement and the Federal Centre for Political Education. 1975-1984 research associate and lecturer at the GhK (Kassel). 1973-1975 research associate at the University of Tübingen. 1973 PhD in sociology. 1967-1972 student of sociology.

Focus of Work

- Representation of Gender Studies in the Department of Social Work
- Member of 'Gender Colloquium' für doctorate students
- Chair of the 'Center für Gender Studies' Siegen (Gestu_S)

Research and Practice projects (selection)

Archive of Social Photography

Publications (selection)

Websitelink to my Publications


history, women's movement, social work, violence, family, mobility


Social Sciences