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Prof. Dr. Silvia Denner

Professor , FB Angewandte Sozialwissenschaften, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund

Associated Professorship

Social medicine and psychiatry, particular child and adolescent psychiatry


Since 1998 professor at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences Social Sciences faculty with the teaching area "Social Medicine and Psychiatry". Degree in Educational Science, Psychology and Sociology in Frankfurt am Main. Diplom-Pädagogin qualification with emphasis on "special educational institutions". Student of Human Medicine with subsequent specialist doctor's training as a child and young people's psychiatrist and psychotherapist at the University of Frankfurt Clinic for Children's and Young People's Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and at the regional psychiatric Philipps hospital (adult psychiatry) in Riedstadt. PhD with the subject: how children with mental disorders experience their surroundings. Development and examination of a new children's interview for standardised establishment of direct psychosocial situations with children and young people at psychiatric risk. Further social medicine training with the Hessen Medical Council. Practice for children's and young people's psychiatry and psychotherapy in Frankfurt. Consulting, further and continuing training and expert advisory activities for stationary and ambulant youth service institutions, as part of specialist medical activities in children's and young people's psychiatry and own practice.

Focus of Work

Teaching and research in the field of psychiatry, particularly child and adolescent psychiatry and social medicine

Research and Practice projects (selection)

Prevention of Emotional and Behavioural Disorders in Childcare Institutions
Premature Birth and Eating Disorders
Evaluation "Pedagogical Psychodrama with Children and Young People"

Publications (selection)

Websitelink to my Publications


Prevention, rehabilitation, disease, health, children, young people, psychiatry, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of behaviourally disturbed and mentally ill children and young people, networking youth service and children's and adolescent psychiatry


Medicine and Health