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Prof'in (i.R.) Dr. Ruth Becker

Professor , Fakultät Raumplanung, TU Dortmund University

Network Professorship

Women's research and housing in spatial planning


Head of Women's Studies and Housing in the Urban Planning Department since 1993. 1980 to 1993 freelance activities, deputy professorships and assistant professorships at the Universities of Kassel, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Weimar, PhD and habilitation at the University of Kassel, Urban Planning Department, landscape planning. 1969-1980 research assistant and research associate at the Universities of Munich and Stuttgart. 1964-1969 Economics student in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Tübingen and Munich.

Focus of Work

The task of the professorship is to develop theoretical and empirical foundations for feminist urban planning, to analyse the processes of gendering spatial structures, to develop concepts for improving women's opportunities for appropriation of space, to analyse the development of forms of life, ideas of housing and social spaces and to analyse the social, economic and spatial aspects of housing provision and the ways in which housing policy instruments take effect. Since 2002, the professorship has been integrated into the research focus "Dynamics of Gender Arrangements" (founding member), and has been part of the coordination office of the Women's Research Network since 1998

Research and Practice projects (selection)

Publications (selection)

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forms of living, housing, lone parents, women living alone, space, city, architecture, forms of life, housing forms, housing provision, housing policy, homelessness, urban planning, space, city, transport, architecture