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Prof. (i. R.) Dr. Marion Heinz

Professor , Fakultät I / Philosophie , The University of Siegen

Associated Professorship

Philosophy with emphasis on feminist philosophy


Professor of philosophy at Siegen University since 1998. 1995-1998 network professor of feminist philosophy at the Gerhard Mercator University of Duisburg. 1993-1995 deputy professor at the University of Kiel. 1990/1991 habilitation at the Bergish University/GH Wuppertal. 1980 PhD at the Bergish University/GH Wuppertal. Student of philosophy, German literature and history in Cologne.

Focus of Work

Ancient philosophy, modern and contemporary philosophy, philosophy of the 18th century, political philosophy, phenomenology, feminist philosophy

Publications (selection)

Websitelink to my Publications


philosophy, ancient Greece and Rome, modernism, 18th C., phenomenology, metaphysics, feminism, feminist philosophy, gender, gender theory, Enlightenment


Languages and Cultural Studies, Art and Design