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Prof. Dr. Marie Paul

Professor , Mercator School of Management, University of Duisburg-Essen

Associated Professorship

Assistant Professor for Quantitative Methods in Economics

Publications (selection)

Paul, M. (2015) „Is there a Causal Effect of Working Part-time on Current and Future Wages?”, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, im Erscheinen

Fernandez-Kranz, D., M. Paul und N. Rodriguez-Planas (2015) „Part-time Work, Fixed-term Contracts, and the Returns to Experience”, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, im Erscheinen.

Paul, M. (2015) Many Dropouts? Never Mind! Employment Prospects of Dropouts from Training Programs, Annals of Economics and Statistics, im Erscheinen.

Biewen, M., B. Fitzenberger, A. Osikominu und M. Paul (2014) „The Effectiveness of Public Sponsored Training Revisited: The Importance of Data and Methodological Choices”, Journal of Labor Economics, 32, 837-897.

Fitzenberger, B, O. Orlanski, A. Osikominu und M.Paul (2013) "Déjà Vu? Short-Term Training in Germany 1980-1992 and 2000-2003", Empirical Economics, 44 (1), 289-328.

Waller (Paul), M. (2008) "On the Importance of Correcting Reported End Dates of Labor Market Programs", Schmollers Jahrbuch (Journal of Applied Social Science Studies) 128, 213-236.

Biewen, M., B. Fitzenberger, A. Osikominu, R. Völter und M. Waller (Paul) (2006) „Beschäftigungseffekte ausgewählter Maßnahmen der beruflichen Weiterbildung in Deutsch­land – eine Bestandsaufnahme”, Zeitschrift für ArbeitsmarktForschung (Journal for Labour Market Research) 39, 365-390, 2006.


Law and Economics