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Maria-Luisa Barbarino

Research Associate , Gleichstellungsstelle, FernUniversität in Hagen – University of Hagen

Research and Practice projects (selection)

Gender in der Lehre

Publications (selection)

Barbarino, M.-L., Hilgemann, M., Pinkvoss, K., Sönnichsen, N. (2017). Broschüre "Gender in der Lehre und Genderkompetenz".

Stürmer, S., Ihme, T., Fissler, B., Sonnenberg, K., & Barbarino, M.-L. (2018). Promises of structured relationship building for higher distance education: Evaluating the effects of a virtual fast-friendship procedure. Computer & Education.

Barbarino, M.‐L., & Stürmer, S. (2016). Different origins of xenophile and xenophobic  orientations in human personality structure: A theoretical perspective and some preliminary findings. Special Issue on Proactive Behavior Across Group Boundaries. Journal of Social Issues.

Stürmer, S., Rohmann, A., Mazziotta, A., Siem, B., & Barbarino, M.‐L. (2016). Fear of Infection or Justification of Social Exclusion? The Symbolic Exploitation of the Ebola Epidemic. Political Psychology.

Ihme, T. A., Stoessel, K., Barbarino, M.‐L., Fisseler, B., & Stürmer, S. (2016). More than a  symbolic gesture: How and why emphasizing diversity on university web sites affects students’ enrollment decisions. Research in Higher Education.

Stoessel, K., Ihme, A. T., Barbarino, M.‐L., Fisseler, B., & Stürmer, S. (2014). Diversity and distance education: Who drops out from academic programs and why? Research in Higher Education.


Social Sciences