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Prof. Dr. Liudvika Leisyte

Professor , zhb. Zentrum für HochschulBildung, TU Dortmund University

Associated Professorship

Higher Education

Research and Practice projects (selection)

Publications (selection)

Eine Auswahl:

Leisyte, L. (2013): Changing academic identities in the context of a managerial university - bridging the duality between professions and organizations. Evidence from the U.S. and Europe. In: W. Cummings und U. Teichler (Hrsg.). The Relevance of Academic Work. Dordrecht: Springer, im Erscheinen.

Leisyte, L. und Westerheijden, D. (2013): The changing role of stakeholders in higher education quality assurance. In H. Eggins und J. Sebkova. The implementation of European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance. Sense publishers, im Erscheinen.

Dobbins, M. und Leisyte, L. (2013): Analyzing the transformation of higher education governance in Bulgaria and Lithuania. Public Management Review, DOI:10.1080/14719037.20 13.770060.

Leisyte, L. und Hosch-Dayican, B. (2013): Changing academic roles and shifting gender inequalities: A case analysis of the influence of teaching-research nexus on academic career perspectives of female academics in the Netherlands. Presentation at the Critical Management Studies Conference, Manchester, July 10-12.

Leisyte, L. und Dee, J. (2012): Understanding Academic Work in a Changing Institutional Environment. Faculty Autonomy, Productivity and Identity in Europe and the United States. In J. Smart und M. Paulsen (Hrsg.). Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research. Dordrecht: Springer.


Social Sciences