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Prof. Dr. Katrin Hansen

Professor , Fachbereich Wirtschaft, Westfälische Hochschule, University of Applied Sciences

Network Professorship

Business studies, particularly management and personnel development with particular reference to women specific issues


Since 1994 professor of microeconomics, particularly management and human resources development, with particular emphasis on aspects specific to women, at Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences, Bocholt (1997-2001 Pro-Vice-Chancellor). 1990-1992 corporate consultant, head of human resources consulting in a medium-sized consulting company. 1985-1990 Karstadt AG in Essen (corporate planning, management assistant and deputy management in various department stores). 11/1985 Dr. rer. Pol. as external candidate at the Economics department of the University of Hanover. 1982/83 academic consultant to the Rationalisation Association of Trade (RGH). 1974-1981 student of political sciences, then economics at the University of Hanover. 04/1981 qualification as Diplom-Ökonomin in the University of Hanover Economics department.

Focus of Work

Organisational and human resources development.

Publications (selection)

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diversity, businesspeople, organisation, development of organisation and human resources


Law and Economics