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Prof. Dr. Anja Abendroth

Professor , Fakultät für Soziologie, Bielefeld University

Associated Professorship

Technological and Social Change

Research and Practice projects (selection)

Publications (selection)

Fachzeitschriftenartikel (Peer-reviewed*)

In Veröffentlichung*
Abendroth, A.-K., Melzer, S.M., Kalev, A. & Tomaskovic-Devey, D. Women at Work: Women’s Access to Power and the Gender Earning Gap. ILR Review, Special Issue: Reducing Inequality in Organizations: What Works?

Pausch S., Reimann M., Abendroth A-K. & Diewald M. Work-life Integration of Dual-Earner Couples: Spillover, Crossover, and Accumulation of Workplace Demands and Resources within Partnerships. Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management 4(1): 70-95.

Abendroth, A.-K. & Melzer S. M. Soziale Ungleichheiten im 21. Jahrhundert. Soziologische Revue 38(3), 336-349.

Diewald, M., Schunck, M., Abendroth, A.-K., Melzer, S. M., Pausch, S., Reimann M., & Andernach, B.: The Sfb882-B3 linked employer-employee panel survey (LEEP-B3). Schmollers Jahrbuch 134(3), 379–389.

Abendroth, A.-K., Huffman, M., & Treas, J. The Parity Penalty in Life Course Perspective: Motherhood and Occupational Status in 13 European Countries. American Sociological Review, 79(5), 993–1014.

Pausch, S., Reimann, M., Abendroth, A., Diewald, M., & Jacobebbinghaus, P. Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie: Auch Väter haben ein Zeitproblem. IAB-Forum, 2, 50-55.

Abendroth, A.-K., Maas, I., & Van der Lippe, T. Human Capital and the Gender Gap in Authority in European Countries. European Sociological Review, 29(2), 261–273.

Abendroth, A.-K., Van der Lippe, T., & Maas, I. Social support and the working hours of employed mothers in Europe: The relevance of the state, the workplace, and the family. Social Science Research, 41(3), 581–597.

Abendroth, A.-K., & Den Dulk, L. Support for the work–life balance in Europe: the impact of state, workplace and family support on work–life balance satisfaction. Work, Employment and Society, 25(2), 234–256.


Jacobebbinghaus, P., Seth, S., Diewald, M., Schunck, R., Abendroth, A.-K., Melzer, S. M., Pausch, S., et al. Linking LEEP-B3 Survey Data with Administrative IAB Data. SFB 882 Technical Report Series, 21.

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Abendroth, A.-K., Melzer, S. M., Jacobebbinghaus, P., & Schlechter, F. Methodological Report Employee and Partner Surveys of the Linked Employer- Employee Panel (LEEP-B3) in Project B3 “Interactions Between Capabilities in Work and Private Life”. SFB 882 Technical Report Series, 12.


Abendroth, A-K. Working Women in Europe. How the Country, Workplace and Family Context Matter. ICS Dissertation Series. Utrecht University.


Abendroth, A.-K. Gender Equality. In: Michalos AC (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research. Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer, pp 2427-2430.


Abendroth, A.-K. Female Income in Europe: The Relevance of Male Partner Income in Different Cultural and Economic Country Contexts. (Eingereicht bei European Societies)

Abendroth, A.-K. Pausch, S. German Fathers and Their Preference to Reduce Working Hours for Family Reasons. (Eingereicht bei Journal of Family Issues)

Bröckel, M., Golsch, K., Edler, S., Pausch, S., Abendroth, A.-K. & Busch-Heinzmann, A. Determinants of Gender Differences in  Supervisors’ Support for Career Advancement. (Eingereicht bei Research in Social Stratification and Mobility)

2016 Abendroth, A.-K., Den Dulk, L., Pausch, S., Reimann, M. Support for whom? Work-life support across German workplaces. Wird präsentiert bei Work Family Research Network Conference, Juni 2016, Washington.

Abendroth A.-K., Diewald, M. Opportunity or trap? The impact of family-friendly workplace arrangements on relational earning inequalities in German work organizations. Präsentiert auf der Work Family Research Network Conference, Juni 2014, New York.

Abendroth, A.-K., Schulz, W. The gender gap in combining work and parenthood – how workplaces matter. Präsentiert bei Konferenz “Challenges in the Third Decade of Life in the 21st Century – Individual Development and Health” im Juni 2014 in Hannover.

Abendroth, A.-K. Country differences in the relationship between incomes and wage rates of working partners. SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research at DIW Berlin, 641.

Abendroth, A.-K., Pausch, S., & Böhm, S. German fathers and their preference to reduce working hours to care for their children. SFB 882 Working Paper Series, 41.

Schunck, R., Abendroth, A.-K., Diewald, M., Melzer, S., Pausch. What do Women and Men Want? Investigating and Measuring Preference-Heterogeneity for Life Outcomes using a Factorial Survey. SFB 882 Working Paper Series, 20.


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