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GENDER. Journal for Gender, Culture and Society

GENDER. Journal for Gender, Culture and Society presents a forum for academic debate as well as discourse between academics and practitioners. The range of the journal extends from social to cultural topics – sociopolitical issues on equality and justice are addressed as well as issues of the orchestration and cultural interpretation of gender. The journal aims at a broad range of topics and academic disciplines, in which women, men, and gender issues are reflected. Following the multi-disciplinary setting of the journal, analyses are welcome from, i.e., sociology, pedagogy, political science, cultural science and history, which are adept to the interdisciplinary approach of gender studies. Furthermore, the analyses of local, regional and global impacts on gender relations are of interest.

GENDER. Journal for Gender, Culture and Society is published three times per annum, each with a thematic focus, and some 480 pages per year. All contributions undergo a procedure of double-blind peer review, additionally, proceedings and book reviews are published. We have started the processes of being listed in the international citation indexes.

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