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Child Care in North Rhine-Westphalian Institutes of Higher Education (only available in German language)

Based on the study on child care in North-Rhine Westphalian Institutes of Higher Education carried out by the Coordination Office of the Women's and Gender Research Network NRW a database was created. This database aims to inform about available child care in each institute of higher education. The website provides an overview of different child care facilities with short descriptions, conditions and addresses as well as further relevant information. Furthermore there is information about offices of family-service, parent-child-rooms and services for holiday care or emergency care. 

The database, as an ongoing project, is continuously updated and expanded. Right now (18.03.2020) there are for instance 89 facilities for daily childcare listed on the website. Moreover its content is also used as the basis of the child-care-related data in the Gender-Report (only published in German language).

Project management: Dr. Beate Kortendiek | Project collaboration: Jeremia Herrmann

Publications (only available in German language)

Kortendiek, Beate, Lisa Mense, Sandra Beaufaýs, Jenny Bünnig, Ulla Hendrix, Jeremia Herrmann, Heike Mauer, und Jennifer Niegel. 2019. Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Wissenschaft, Beruf und Studium. In Dies. Gender-Report 2019, S. 175-185. Studien Netzwerk Frauenforschung NRW Nr. 31. Essen.

Becker, Ruth, Anja Riemann, und Beate Kortendiek. 2004. Kinderbetreuungsangebote an nordrhein-westfälischen Hochschulen – eine Bestandsaufnahme. Studien Netzwerk Frauenforschung NRW Nr. 6. Dortmund.