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Women's Networks in Science – Study on the 25-year history of the Women's & Gender Research Network (only available in German lanuguage)

The Women's and Gender Research Network NRW celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2011. In this context the study will have a focus on developments, opportunity structures and constellation of forces in higher education, in which this study was able to unfold and prosper. It discloses way of thinking and attribution of meaning, which conducted the actions of the actors. The dimension of time makes this study to contemporary history, which is dragged to the present and which both tries to deal with questions concerning higher education and history of institutions in a cultural and historical context.

Key questions are:

  • Which developments in scientific policy enabled and supports the network?
  • Who were the main protagonists?
  • Which social demands made poltical actors respond with the idea of a network?
  • How have objectives and spectrum of tasks developed in the course of time?

Studie Nr. 13 (only available in German language)