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Gender Report 2013 (only available in German language)

Updating Data and Study on Professorial Appointments

The Gender Report 2013 (only available in German language) includes three project areas:

1. Updating Statistical Trends (part A)
2. Practices of Gender Equality (part B)
3. Results of a Mixed-Method Study on Gender Equality in Professorial Appointments (part C)

The updating of statistical developments of the 2013 report includes, similar to 2010, data processing and quantitative developments. It involves developments in North Rhine-Westphalian higher education compared to other federal states in terms of gender (in)equality. Data from these official statistics is used to illustrate changes in overall figures as well as proportion of men and women, specifically of students, graduates (especially in consecutive programmes), doctorates, post-doctoral candidates as well as scientific and artistic personnel.

The ways of promoting Gender Equality in Higher Education are the research interest in Part B. This includes target agreements, gender Mainsreaming policies as well as the reconcilability of family and working life. 

The project "Professor by Occupation – sequences of qualification and Professorial Appointments. Experiences and Requirements at North Rhine- Westphalian Institutions of Higher Education." It includes a qualitative interview study as well as a mixed-method online survey. The purpose of the study is to reveal which barriers women and men have to face in professorial appointments and how it can be performed and realised unbiased. The Gender Report 2013 includes an overview with major results und concrete measures and projects for quality management in professorial appointments as well as tangible recommendations for the state, for the landscape of higher education and other multipliers.