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Our cooperation partners

Center of Excellence Women and Science (CEWS)

Center of Excellence Women and Science CEWS is the national hub for realization of equal opportunities for both women and men in science and research in Germany. CEWS serves as a think tank for this political field, offering impetus for new ideas, initiating processes of change in support of science as well as actively creating and engaging the necessary transfer processes between science and politics.

Website CEWS

European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS)

The European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS) is an international non-profit organisation that represents the needs, concerns, interests, and aspirations of more than 12 000 women scientists in Europe and beyond. Since its inception in 2005, more than 100 networks of women scientists and organisations promoting women in science from 40 countries have joined the Platform, working for the promotion of equal opportunities in the research fields of all scientific disciplines and aiming to give women scientists a voice in European research policy.

Website EPWS

Comittee of Women's and Gender Studies Institutions in German-speaking Areas 

The Conference of Women’s and Gender Studies is an Institution in the German-Speaking World (abbreviated as KEG). Formally organized in 2006 as an umbrella organization spanning the entire German-speaking world, KEG brings together a variety of institutions working in the field of gender studies. Here at our website, you’ll find information about our members and their activities, as well as about our umbrella organization’s meetings and working groups.

Website KEG

Gender Studies Association/FG Gender

The "Fachgesellschaft Geschlechterstudien" (FG Gender) was founded in 2010. It organizes scientific conferences and develops quality standards for the institutionalization of gender studies as well as research and higher education policy interventions and promotes young researchers.

Website FG Gender

Department for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men/Department 234 of the NRW Ministry of Science

In the Ministry of Science in NRW (MIWF), the Department for Equality between Women and Men (Department 234) is part of the Higher Education Department. The department is responsible for the representation of their colleagues' interests in the ministry with regard to gender equality and for the professional work on the topic of gender and gender (in)justice at universities. The department advises universities on all issues of equality.

Website Gleichstellungsreferates

Landeskonferenz der Gleichstellungsbeauftragten (LaKof NRW)

LaKof NRW is an association of Equal Opportunities Commissioners from NRW. In accordance with the State Equal Opportunities Act (LGG), it implements the equality of women and men at universities across all universities. LaKof NRW is a forum for cooperation and political activity of the Equal Opportunities Commissioners at state level. Since 2018 it has been based at RWTH Aachen University.

Website LaKof NRW