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The Women's & Gender Research Network NRW

Shaping science in a gender-equitable way

Everything started in 1986...

The Women's and Gender Research Network NRW was founded on the initiative of dedicated female scientists together with Anke Brunn, at that time Minister of Science. The background for this initiative was criticism in Science and Politics of gender inequality as well as neglected women's contribution to science, culture and society.

Now where are we in 2017?

Currently, the "Women's & Gender Research Network NRW" connects 149 professors and 226 scientists located in 30 academic institutions in the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). NRW therefore holds a undisputed leading position in gender research.

Linking gender research interdisciplinarily

The broad interdisciplinary spectrum of our members provides theoretical and methodological diverse perspectives in women's and gender research. The exchange between scientists leads to transdisciplinary cooperation and thus contributes to innovation in each scientific discipline.

The organisation is in the hands of the coordination office. Aside from enhancing the network of gender research scientists the coordination office also carries out its own projects and issues publications.

The network is supported by the Ministry of Science and the universities of the Federal State North Rhine-Westphalia.